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The Most Reliable, Simple, and Affordable™
In-Car Video System!

Quick Facts

  • Reliable Solid State Design
  • 5 YEAR System Warranty
  • LIFETIME SDXC Card Warranty
  • 4 Camera Capable
  • HD Quality Video
  • Integrated GPS Mapping
  • Direct to SDXC Card Technology
  • 260 Hours of Recording per SDXC Card*
  • Wireless File Transfer
  • Smart Video File Management
  • High Resolution 27x Zoom Camera
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone System
  • Absolutely Unbeatable Value
  • Reliable
    ...No moving parts or hard drive to fail!
  • Simple
    ...SDXC Card to Computer Video Viewing!
  • Affordable™
    ...Cost less than any other comparable system!

Wireless File Transfer
& Remote Viewing

With this feature, you are able to copy any video file remotely while the system is operating either by manually or automatically downloading the video files. Remote Viewing allows you to watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System through a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection.

HD quality video

HD Quality Video

With the ability to record up to 4 cameras simultaneously at 120 Frames per Second at D1 720x480 resolution, a PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System will provide the absolute best video quality.

Enhanced Event Marker Button

Enhanced Event Marker Button

This optional, enhanced feature enables an additional method for triggering Event Alarm Video of a specific incident to be recorded for quick, future review. As an added bonus, a built in status light will indicate the system is functioning properly.

Erratic Driving Sensor Image

Erratic Driving Sensor

During a turning or stopping event that exceeds 0.5g this optional feature allows Event Alarm Video of a specific driving incident to be recorded for quick future review.

Rugged Solid State Design

Solid State Design means the absence of all moving parts. All hard drive based systems have moving parts in the actual hard drive or in the CD burning mechanism. In a mobile application these moving parts are adversely affected by heat, cold, dust, humidity and vibration. It is not a matter of if these moving parts are going to fail but when. These inevitable failures cause a loss of video evidence, time and money. The PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System has a state-of-the-art Solid State Design. Because there are no moving parts, a PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System is more reliable than any system with a hard drive. PRO- VISION® backs this bold reliability claim with the longest standard warranty in the industry—5 YEARS!

Guaranteed Reliable

gps image

Integrated GPS Mapping

By simply connecting an optional PRO-VISION® GPS Antenna, you will know your vehicle’s location and speed. Use the included PRO-VISION® Viewing Software and your video will also display with an integrated GPS Map. The GPS Antenna will also enable the use of the systems Max Speed Setting to trigger Event Alarm Video when a selected speed is achieved.

Industry-Leading Rear Seat View

With an optional Super Wide Angle Mini-Dome Night Vision Camera, a PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System will provide industry-leading rear seat video coverage in any lighting condition.

Factory Installation Service

Factory Installation Service

PRO-VISION® Solid-State In-Car Video Systems are simple by design, but for outfitting large fleets, PRO-VISION® is the only mobile video system manufacturer to offer true factory installers, not contractors, to complete your on-site installation.

Direct to SDXC Card Video Recording

Typical in-car video systems require the purchase of expensive servers and computer systems to transfer, store and convert video evidence. These systems require multiple, time consuming video transfer steps. The PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System records Background and Event Alarm Video directly to the same removable SDXC Card. This reliable, simple and efficient configuration will save time and money over server based systems.

SDXC Card to Computer Video Viewing

The PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System is a complete standalone solution. The evidence that is recorded in the vehicle can be the exact same evidence that is taken into court. When you are ready to view your recorded video just remove the SDXC Card and insert it into almost any computer. With just a few mouse clicks, you will be viewing your recorded video. It just doesn’t get any easier!

3 Forms of Video Capture

#1. Constant Video

When activated by the vehicle’s ignition, the PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System will begin to loop record up to 260 hours of Background Video to the SDXC Card.

#2. Event Alarm Video

Event Video can be triggered five ways including a dedicated momentary on/off switch, overhead lights on/off switch, Audio Body Pack, Marker Button and GPS. When triggered, more than 15 minutes of Pre and Post Event Alarm Video may be recorded to the SDXC Card. If part of an incident is not captured in the Event Alarm Video, the Constant Background Video is available to review or copy from the same SDXC Card.

#3. JPEG Image File

Use the included PRO-VISION® Viewing Software and a still image with an available Integrated GPS Map can be saved as a JPEG file from either Constant or Event Alarm Video.

Record & Playback

The PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System is capable of previously recorded video playback while still recording new video.

Smart Video
File Management

With a PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System you will never have to access a server, a hard drive or a separate CD for the video you need. Constant Background Video and Event Alarm Video will automatically be saved on the same SDXC Card in separate files by type, time and date. Use the included PRO-VISION® Viewing Software and your video files will display in selectable, color coded sections. Constant Background Video is automatically color coded blue. Event Alarm Video, such as traffic stops, are automatically color coded red.   Just point, click and you’re viewing video!

High Resolution Camera

The PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System includes a Compact, Full Color, 480 TV Line, 27x Zoom Dash Camera.

  • 27x Optical Zoom
  • Automatic Night Mode
  • Sony® Super HAD CCD

Multi-Camera Configurations

The PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System can be configured to record simultaneously from up to four cameras. During video playback you may select a specific camera or all four simultaneously.

Motorcycle & Marine Compatible

With a Rugged, Reliable Design, the PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System is ideal for any application in your fleet.

2.4 GHz Digital Wireless
Microphone System

1000-2000 ft. range
Built-in Microphone
Lapel Microphone
Leather Belt Pouch

4 Alert Modes for System Active
or Out of Range:

  • • Vibrate & Beep
  • • Vibrate
  • • Beep
  • • Visual

Lithium-Ion Battery

  • • 8 Hours of Talk Time
  • • 14 Hours of Stand by Time
  • • Fully Recharges in 3 Hours

Two Wireless Microphone Systems can be paired to one vehicle!

Laptop, LCD, or Display Mirror

An optional Laptop Interface Module, 5.0” or 7.0” LCD, or 4.3” Rearview Mirror Monitor will allow you to view the PRO-VISION® Solid State In-Car Video System
recording in real time.

With an optional IR Remote Module, a display screen will also allow playback of previously recorded video while still recording new video.

In-Car Noise Cancelling Microphone

Constant In-Car Audio can be recorded with the optional Remote Mounted In-Car Microphone. Use the included PRO-VISION® Viewing Software, and up to four channels of audio including the In-Car Microphone, the Body Pack System, and audio from two additional cameras can be selected during video review.

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