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The Most Reliable, Simple, and Affordable™
Interview Room Video Recording System!

Quick Facts:

  • 5 YEAR System Warranty
  • LIFETIME SDXC Card Warranty
  • 4 Camera Capable
  • HD Quality Video
  • Direct to SDXC Card Technology
  • 260 Hours of Recording per SDXC Card*
  • Reliable Solid State Design
  • Remote Viewing from Another PC
  • Smart Video File Management
  • Absolutely Unbeatable Value
Network File Transfer

Automated File Transfer

This feature allows the download of video files remotely, either manually or automatically while the system is operating, preserving the chain of evidence and eliminating any need to remove the SD Card from the DVR.

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing allows you to watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the PRO-VISION® Interview Room Video System through a Wi-Fi connection.

Enhanced Event Marker Button

Enhanced Event Marker Button

This enhanced feature is programmed to start and stop video recording. This will streamline the review of video and save file space on a computer or server. As an added bonus, a built in status light indicates the system is functioning properly.

Quad Zone High Quality Audio

Quad Zone™ High Quality Audio

With an electronically filtered microphone built into each PRO-VISION® Camera and system configurations including up to four cameras, you will have complete audio coverage. Each available channel of audio is individually selectable during video review. Additional external microphones are also available.

Rugged Solid State Design DVR

Rugged Solid State Design

Solid State means the absence of all moving parts. All hard drive based systems have moving parts in the actual hard drive or in the CD burning mechanism. It is not a matter of if these moving parts are going to fail but when. These inevitable failures cause a loss of video evidence, time and money. The PRO-VISION® Solid State Interview Room Video System has a state-of-the-art Solid State Design. Because there are no moving parts, a PRO-VISION® system is more reliable than any system with a hard drive. PRO- VISION® backs this bold reliability claim with the longest standard warranty in the industry—5 YEARS!

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...No moving parts or hard drive to fail!


...SDXC Card to Computer Video Viewing!


...Cost less than any other comparable system!

Interview Room Video Recording Sample Video

The PRO-VISION® Interview Room Video System will deliver irrefutable video evidence,
protection from false claims, and an effective training tool.

Single Camera Systems Include:

  • Solid State DVR
  • Lockable Cage
  • 64 GB SDXC Memory Card
  • 2.8mm Dome Camera
  • 10m AV Cable
  • Software & Guides
  • AC Wall Plug

Popular Options and Accessories:

  • SDXC Card Reader
  • 128GB SDXC Memory Card
  • Enhanced Event Marker Button
  • Additional 2.8mm Dome Camera(s)
  • Remote Live Viewing KIT
  • Wireless File Transfer KIT

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